1982 Founded as a metal pressing factory, manufacturing metal components for various high-voltage transformers.
1994 Upgraded technical skills and successfully developed new products, such as metal components for Electronics. This brings two fold increase of the turnover.
2000 Invested in Vietnam located in a 3000 land with capital of USD 1,500,000 in Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park (VSIP), Binh Duong Province, to shorten our supplying chain and to be more worldwide comparative by saving labor cost.
2002 Scale production started, manufacturing stators & rotors for transformers, metal cases & boxes, and precision metal parts for consumer electronics by the first batch presence of the new equipments.
2005 Increased capital to USD 2,500,000 and product ranges, covering automobile & motorcycle and home appliance industries. High-precision inspection equipments were used to control and to ensure products in good quality.
2006 Enlarged land area to 5,100. The 2nd batch presence of the new equipments was installed. They were pressing machines of 200 tons & 110 tons, and NC feeders of 300, 400, 500, and 600.
2006 Merged by WELL ELECTRONICS. Resource integration increased productivity, quality and customers. We offer customers "one stop shop" solution.
2007 Invested Japanese laser cutting MAZAK & CNC bending TOYOKOKI machines, to upgrade technical skills and product innovation, as well as to enlarge product ranges with more competitiveness & efficiency.
2008 ISO 9001:2000 certificated.